Artwork, July Update

July has actually been a busy month for me in terms of art projects. While I haven’t made any new prints or cyanotypes, I have finished some mixed media paintings, and have undertaken a new knitting project. Today though, I’ll show you a personal project I finished last month: a painted end table. Brandon and… Continue reading Artwork, July Update

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Florida Adventures

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Brandon and I have recently been on vacation. After the pandemic postponed our 2020 travel plans, we ventured down to Florida earlier this month to spend time with his family. Today, I’ll share with you some highlights from our trip. Brandon’s family lives in northern Florida, so we divided… Continue reading Florida Adventures

Exhibition Work, July Update

As with last week’s post on my dissertation, today’s piece was done before traveling to Florida. Although we returned to Williamsburg yesterday, I didn’t want to make myself write a blog post right after getting back from vacation, so I wrote this is advance. In addition to the automaton research I’ve been doing from home,… Continue reading Exhibition Work, July Update

Artwork, June Update

Last month I told you about my recent interest in making jewelry using intaglio prints I had made on paper clay, and the potential I thought it had in pushing my creative practice into wearable or practical objects. Today, I’ll show you some more jewelry I’ve been making, this time featuring cyanotypes. First, a little… Continue reading Artwork, June Update

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Dissertation Work, June Update

It’s been a busy few weeks since the last time I talked about the dissertation, so let’s get caught up. Following the approval of the prospectus and sketching out a tentative working schedule, I started reading more deeply into nineteenth-century mobile visual culture, including panoramas, magic lantern shows, and peep shows. Aside from learning more… Continue reading Dissertation Work, June Update

Space Between 2021

Back in 2019, I wrote about attending my first conference with the Space Between Society. It took place in Brookings, South Dakota that year, and I had a great time. I got a lot of positive feedback on my research, and had the opportunity to connect and network with a variety of excellent scholars, many… Continue reading Space Between 2021

Website Redesign

Frequent visitors to my website may have noticed that it looks different nowadays. That’s because I decided to redesign it a few months ago, and have finally finished working through the updates. Today then, I’ll take you through the redesigned website and its new features. Unless you’re the 1996 Space Jam website, it’s generally recommended… Continue reading Website Redesign

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