Exhibition Work, August Update

The past few weeks have been a combination of logistical planning and ongoing conceptual research. On the logistics side, I’ve put together a preliminary checklist, which we’ll finalize over the next few weeks. I’ve also started contacting lending institutions so that we can secure the pieces we want. Last month, artist Joseph Morris, whose work… Continue reading Exhibition Work, August Update

Florida Adventures

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Brandon and I have recently been on vacation. After the pandemic postponed our 2020 travel plans, we ventured down to Florida earlier this month to spend time with his family. Today, I’ll share with you some highlights from our trip. Brandon’s family lives in northern Florida, so we divided… Continue reading Florida Adventures

Dissertation Work, May Update

The most exciting news about my dissertation right now is that I successfully completed my prospectus colloquium on April 12, and that my project, tentatively titled “Reassessing Art Outreach Exhibitions,” has been approved. This means that the faculty members who read my prospectus agreed that I should move forward with the project. This also means… Continue reading Dissertation Work, May Update

Changing Old Habits

Today’s post is one I wrote about a year ago, shortly before the pandemic started affecting my daily life in a substantial way, but it remains relevant. Better yet, I haven’t lapsed back into the old habits I describe here, so if anything I feel even more proud of it now than I did when… Continue reading Changing Old Habits

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Exhibition Work, February Update

Last month I talked about my ongoing readings about the Uncanny Valley and other broad themes relating to robots. Today I’ll share what I’ve been up to since January 1st, and more specifically my explorations into the more nuanced aspects of human-robot interactions. Most likely it’s my art historical background speaking, but I’ve been considering… Continue reading Exhibition Work, February Update