Dissertation Work, May Update

The most exciting news about my dissertation right now is that I successfully completed my prospectus colloquium on April 12, and that my project, tentatively titled “Reassessing Art Outreach Exhibitions,” has been approved. This means that the faculty members who read my prospectus agreed that I should move forward with the project. This also means… Continue reading Dissertation Work, May Update

Dissertation Work, March Update

The last few months have been rather busy for me regarding the dissertation, but the work has changed slightly as I’ve settled into the new year. If January was all about sorting through potential subtopics and archival repositories, February and early March have been about distilling those various resources into a coherent prospectus draft. Since… Continue reading Dissertation Work, March Update

My Writing Process

Like a lot of graduate students, I write regularly. Whether it’s a discussion post, a research paper, or even a blog entry like this one, I’m usually writing something in one form or another every day. Today then, I’d like to tell you about my writing processes. I say processes because I go about my… Continue reading My Writing Process

14-Day Writing Challenge

As a second-time graduate student returning to academia after several years in the workforce, I’m always interested in increasing my work efficiency. Spending nearly every waking moment on homework caused me to burn out on school eight years ago, after all, so I’d like to avoid that again. I’ve also got friendships, relationships, and hobbies… Continue reading 14-Day Writing Challenge