Website Redesign

Frequent visitors to my website may have noticed that it looks different nowadays. That’s because I decided to redesign it a few months ago, and have finally finished working through the updates. Today then, I’ll take you through the redesigned website and its new features. Unless you’re the 1996 Space Jam website, it’s generally recommended… Continue reading Website Redesign

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Deck the Halls, Home Edition

As with the rest of this year, the holiday season has been different from what Brandon and I anticipated. Since we went to Florida last year to be with his family, we had planned on going to Maine this December so that Brandon could experience a New England Christmas with my relatives. The pandemic changed… Continue reading Deck the Halls, Home Edition

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Brandon’s Art Handling Adventures: 2020 So Far

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, my schedule had become repetitive due to reading for comprehensive exams. I’ve been at home reading every day since January, and while the books I’ve been working on have been quite interesting and helpful for my future work, my day-to-day activities have been rather mundane. For the… Continue reading Brandon’s Art Handling Adventures: 2020 So Far

My Adventures at the Mariners’ Museum

In addition to coursework and research, William and Mary students are expected to complete an assistantship every year. Many of these take the form of teaching, but there are also opportunities to work in museums, archives, publications, and other places. Given my curatorial background, I’ve been working two days a week at the Mariners’ Museum… Continue reading My Adventures at the Mariners’ Museum

My Life with Misophonia

I had my first negative experience with sound when I was about eight years old. I was having a friend over for a playdate, and we were eating waffles. Over the course of what should have been a benign breakfast, I discovered that I hated the sound of people chewing loudly. It enraged me, and… Continue reading My Life with Misophonia