Exhibition of the Month: Ruth Reeves Textiles

Last time we talked about the CACP, we focused on a group exhibition of prints. Today, let’s circle back to a single-artist show by exploring FAP #351, Ruth Reeves Textiles. Historical Background Ruth Reeves (1892-1966) was a painter, textile designer, and expert on Indian handicrafts. Originally from California, she studied at the Pratt Institute, the… Continue reading Exhibition of the Month: Ruth Reeves Textiles

Another Post About Relevance

Debating Manet When I was a Master’s student at Williams College, my classmates and I attended lectures at the Clark Art Institute. Aside from the promise of free food, these events offered graduate students opportunities to see senior scholars share work in progress and receive feedback, something we’d all have to do for our Qualifying… Continue reading Another Post About Relevance

Museums & Crisis: December Update, and Final Reflection

On December 9, we officially wrapped up classes for the semester. I am currently grading my students’ final projects, but my time in the classroom is officially finished. Let’s take a look back at these final weeks and take stock of the semester as a whole. Instead of assigning any new readings, I dedicated the… Continue reading Museums & Crisis: December Update, and Final Reflection

Ukraine: Some Resources for Learning and Taking Action

This week’s post is a list of resources for those interested in learning more about what’s happening in Ukraine and how to help. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will get you started. These recommendations come from people I’ve been following on Twitter who are much more knowledgeable about the current… Continue reading Ukraine: Some Resources for Learning and Taking Action

What I’m Taking This Semester

So now that you know why I’m in graduate school, what does my actual schedule look like? This semester I’m taking three seminars: Intro to American Studies, American Capitalisms, and Digital Humanities. Intro to American Studies is well, just that: an introduction to American Studies as a discipline. You learn about the history of the… Continue reading What I’m Taking This Semester

Why I’m Here

It occurred to me earlier today that I haven’t explained why I’m in graduate school at William and Mary. After all, I had a pretty comfortable job working as a curator at the Roswell Museum. Why would I drop all of that to return to the life of a student? Today I’d like to answer… Continue reading Why I’m Here

A New(ish) Blog? Huzzah!

Greetings! Thank you for checking my website, and for reading my blog. This online journal is all abut my ongoing adventures as a graduate student at the College of William and Mary. For readers who are already familiar with my work, this is a continuation of my old blog, The Fanciful Lobster. For new readers,… Continue reading A New(ish) Blog? Huzzah!