Deck the Halls, Williamsburg Edition

Colonial Williamsburg loves the holiday season. From its fireworks-laden Grand Illumination to ornament making at the Aldrich Rockefeller Museum, it embraces December festivity. I appreciate good holiday decorations myself, so with the semester winding down and projects wrapping up, I took a break with Brandon to go look at the them.

Of all the decorations, I was most interested in the wreaths. Each building featured a wreath or similar arrangement festooned with details referencing regional customs. Tavern buildings featured cutlery or tinware cups, for example, while other more broadly acknowledged Virginia traditions through dried tobacco leaves, oyster shells, or, pineapples, a symbol of hospitality affiliated with CW especially.

I ended up taking enough pictures to do my own variation on those posters of old doors you find in a lot of museum or historical society gift shops.

I could go into a much deeper analysis with all of these, but it’s the end of semester, so today I’ll just sit back and enjoy them. 

Good tidings, everyone.

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