Exhibition Work, July Update

As with last week’s post on my dissertation, today’s piece was done before traveling to Florida. Although we returned to Williamsburg yesterday, I didn’t want to make myself write a blog post right after getting back from vacation, so I wrote this is advance. In addition to the automaton research I’ve been doing from home,… Continue reading Exhibition Work, July Update

Exhibition Work, April Update

As with last month’s post, my ongoing exhibition work with the Barry has been moving in two interrelated but distinct directions. On the one hand, I’ve been continuing my research into robots and automata, focusing particularly on their cultural histories. At the same time, we’ve been addressing the more practical side of exhibition work by… Continue reading Exhibition Work, April Update

Museums in Times of Crisis: An Equality Lab Virtual Symposium

In October I told you about Finding Home, a virtual symposium from the Equality Lab that looked at the concept of home during the pandemic. Last Friday, we hosted another symposium addressing the pandemic and the overarching need for social change, Museums in Times of Crisis. Organized by Laura Beltr├ín-Rubio and myself, this symposium provided… Continue reading Museums in Times of Crisis: An Equality Lab Virtual Symposium

Exhibition Work, March Update

Last month my exhibition work with the Barry Art Museum started moving in two interrelated directions. On the one hand, I’ve continued doing my research independently, reading about different topics and artists and taking notes for future reference. I’ve also started meeting with the museum’s education and exhibition staff as a group, as we start… Continue reading Exhibition Work, March Update

Exhibition Work, February Update

Last month I talked about my ongoing readings about the Uncanny Valley and other broad themes relating to robots. Today I’ll share what I’ve been up to since January 1st, and more specifically my explorations into the more nuanced aspects of human-robot interactions. Most likely it’s my art historical background speaking, but I’ve been considering… Continue reading Exhibition Work, February Update