Iris Trio, Part 2

Last week I started talking about an iris print I had been wanting to make. This week I’ll show you how it turned out. I completed this project over the summer, before I moved to Williamsburg.   I began this project by going through my sketches. I eventually settled on three flowers, each drawn between… Continue reading Iris Trio, Part 2

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Iris Trio, Part 1

When I was living in Roswell, I became interested in drawing iris. I’ve long appreciated these flowers for their dramatic, ruffled petals and rich colors, but southeast New Mexico, as it turns out, is replete with them. I could find them growing all around Roswell in the spring, and the Roswell Museum collection itself boasted… Continue reading Iris Trio, Part 1

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Why a New Website?

After weeks of planning, copying, and pasting, my new website is live and ready for viewing. Yet why bother with a new website at all? After all, wasn’t the site I built over the summer serviceable? The answer is yes and no, so today I’d like to explain why I made a new site. When… Continue reading Why a New Website?

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What I’m Taking This Semester

So now that you know why I’m in graduate school, what does my actual schedule look like? This semester I’m taking three seminars: Intro to American Studies, American Capitalisms, and Digital Humanities. Intro to American Studies is well, just that: an introduction to American Studies as a discipline. You learn about the history of the… Continue reading What I’m Taking This Semester

Why I’m Here

It occurred to me earlier today that I haven’t explained why I’m in graduate school at William and Mary. After all, I had a pretty comfortable job working as a curator at the Roswell Museum. Why would I drop all of that to return to the life of a student? Today I’d like to answer… Continue reading Why I’m Here

A New(ish) Blog? Huzzah!

Greetings! Thank you for checking my website, and for reading my blog. This online journal is all abut my ongoing adventures as a graduate student at the College of William and Mary. For readers who are already familiar with my work, this is a continuation of my old blog, The Fanciful Lobster. For new readers,… Continue reading A New(ish) Blog? Huzzah!