The Roswell Museum Federal Art Center

Rainey Woolsey

Rainey Woolsey served as the museum's first director from its October 6, 1937 opening until the arrival of Robert B. Sprague in November. She continued working as a gallery attendant until 1938. Her duties included opening the gallery, laying out exhibitions, recording visitor attendance, conducting research in conjunction with exhibitions, and leading gallery talks. She also submitted reports covering her activities and assessed visitor interest in prospective exhibitions and programs. She left the museum after December 22, 1938, when the Certification Division declared her ineligible for reemployment. 


Rainey Woolsey to Russell Vernon Hunter, January 17, 1938. 
Roland Dickey to Russell Vernon Hunter, August 25, 1938. 
Russell Vernon Hunter to Roland Dickey, October 3, 1938. 
Russell Vernon Hunter to Roland Dickey, December 19, 1938.


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