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Social Media Masks

Mask #7-Blue Unicorn small.jpg

This mask was submitted by Karen Strange.

With regards to Beowulf:

So! The needle-wielders in days gone by could cut and sew in a straight line. We have heard of those queens’ heroic gear.
Then a powerful demon, a prowler in the crowd began to work his evil in the world. Covid was the name of this grim demon.
In the great mead-hall were the tools laid. Cloth of unicorns of gold was unearthed. Thus, I forged the bright shield.

The masks in this gallery were solicited through social media. After I finished drawing my own masks, I decided to continue the project by inviting my contacts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to send photos of their masks. I also encouraged participants to send any text they wanted to include about their mask in the form that worked best for them, whether as a caption, poem, short story, or something else. The text that you see in the captions on these drawings come directly from the users who submitted these images, and is used with their permission. 

I hope that this gallery will provide space for people to share their thoughts and feelings about the pandemic.