The Roswell Museum Federal Art Center

Who Worked Here?

The Roswell Museum had a small staff, with an average of 3-4 people working at any given time. The WPA certified prospective employees and assigned positions based on skill level or experience. Available positions at the museum included custodian, gallery attendant, secretary, and director, although these jobs often overlapped. Volunteers also assisted with daily tasks. Directors oversaw all the Museum’s operations and reported to the FAP’s State Director for New Mexico, Russell Vernon Hunter (1900-1955). A highly involved administrator, Hunter visited Roswell and the other art center sites regularly. He later became director of the Roswell Museum in 1950.

Due to its location in a relatively rural region with limited access to museum professionals, the Roswell Museum often relied on nonprofessionals to keep curatorial and administrative roles filled. Several of the museum's acting directors, for example, were initially hired as custodians or gallery attendants, but moved into the position when vacancies demanded it. Staff assignments were not permanent, moreover, but were revisited every six months, with personnel regularly moving to different locations. 

The Roswell Museum's Staff, in chronological order, 1937-1942

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